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Book Case Pro with Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite


Brand New

Stylish and functional, the Book Case Pro is the perfect book case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. Protect your tablet and use it in comfort with this accessory with an elegant Made In Italy design.


The Book Trip Case features a hard outer shell that provides excellent protection from minor bumps and scratches. Inside, your tablet will be cushioned in the microfibre lining which will not leave any marks on the body or display. The magnetic closure prevents the device from accidentally slipping out of the case.


Watching photos and videos, rather than working and playing games, will be easy and above all comfortable. The case boasts a lectern stand that allows you to keep good posture while using your tablet. You can adjust the angle of the stand to make typing easier or make viewing the screen more comfortable.


  • Stand function
  • Rigid PU external casing
  • Interior microfibre lining
  • Magnetic closure


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