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Book Wallet Case with stand function for iPhone XS/X


Brand New

The Book Wallet Case is designed for those who want to protect their iPhone XS/X and always have their cards to hand.

Insert your device into the case: take photos, charge and enjoy the apps on your phone without having to remove it from the book-style case. The front cover is easy to open when you want to respond to calls.

The microfibre lining has a high-quality finish and stitching. There are 3 cardholder pockets where you can store your credit and debit cards and a document pocket to place your personal documents or banknotes.

The magnetic clip enables you to close the case in one simple movement. The clip can be fixed to the back when using the stand function so that it does not get in the way of photos and videos.


  • Hard book-style case
  • Microfibre lining
  • Magnetic closure
  • 3 cardholder pockets
  • 1 document pocket
  • Stand function


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